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Dog - Red Dingo Engraved Enamel Pet ID Tag


    Dog - Red Dingo Engraved Enamel Pet ID Tag

    These enamel filled pet ID tags are forged from solid stainless steel or brass and are approximately twice the thickness as most other tags on the market.  Tags come with a stainless steel attaching ring - guaranteed to never rust!  All tags are polished to a nice smooth finish and a guarantee that the engraving will be readable for life. Choice of colours and sizes.

    Small Tags - Choose up to 3 lines of text with maximum 12 characters per line.
    Medium Tags - Choose up to  lines of text with maximum 16 characters per line.
    Large Tags - Choose up to 5 lines of text with a maximum 19 characters per line.

    Please note that prices include free personalized engraving and delivery to your door!








      Small Medium Large
    Diameter 20mm
    1 1/4"
    1 1/2"
    Price: $ 17.99